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Here at CaMP IU, we sometimes come across news articles that could be the seeds for a captivating research project.   We thought we would start posting them in case anyone wants a sourdough starter jolt of inspiration.

We  of course welcome more suggestions.  And if anything posted is already someone’s research topic, please let us know.

New Participant Roles (click here for more)

Silicon Valley’s Crisis of Conscience

Where Big Tech goes to ask deep questions.



Facebook Content Moderators are independent contractors and advocating for better working conditions

“The thousands of people who do the bulk of Facebook’s work keeping the site free of suicides, massacres and other graphic posts are not Facebook employees. As contractors employed by outsourcing firms, these content moderators don’t get Facebook’s cushy six-month maternity leave, aren’t allowed to invite friends or family to the company cafeteria, and earn a starting wage that is 14 percent of the median Facebook salary.

But for the past seven months, roughly a dozen moderators in the United States have been spearheading a quiet campaign inside the social media giant to air their grievances about unsatisfactory working conditions and their status as second-class citizens. The contractors, who have not previously spoken publicly about their efforts, are using their access to Facebook Workplace, the social network’s internal communication system, to wage their battle. The moderators, who work for Facebook through their employer, Accenture, have also been having heated conversations with Accenture management over working conditions.”




China’s Hottest Bachelors Are Animated Characters



Inside Facebook’s Secret Rulebook for Global Political Speech

Under fire for stirring up distrust and violence, the social network has vowed to police its users. But leaked documents raise serious questions about its approach.



Starbucks opens first U.S. sign language store — with murals, tech pads and fingerspelling



Animals (click here for more)

Cloning Pets: Beloved Pets Everlasting?

The most difficult thing about the cloned puppies is not telling them apart, but explaining why they don’t look exactly alike.





Old Media (click here for more)

More states are trying to protect black employees who want to wear natural hairstyles at work

New JerseyTennesseeMichigan, Wisconsin, Illinois and other states have proposed legislation to explicitly ban race-based hair discrimination — tackling a remaining loophole in the law governing discrimination in workplaces, schools and other public places. California and New York were the first to sign legislation into law in July, and New York City issued guidelines on the issue earlier this year.




Podcast: Good Christian Fun is a comedy podcast delving into the strange upside-down world of Christian pop culture. Hosts Kevin T. Porter and Caroline Ely are your tour guides through the weird and hilarious world of faith-based entertainment.




Small Talk Is Tough for Finns. So They’re Taking Lessons. ‘I Love Your Shirt.’

Schools and tutors offer courses in casual conversation; ‘It does not come naturally to Finns’



Uganda is adding compulsory Chinese lessons to its high school curriculum




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Your Kids Think You’re Addicted to Your Phone

Most parents worry that their kids are addicted to the devices, but about four in 10 teenagers have the same concern about their parents.



PowerPoint Is the Most Efficient Way for Kids to Manage Their Parents

For children growing up in a world where personal relationships are often maintained and managed through digital products, sometimes convincing parents to do stuff is most easily achieved with the help of a PowerPoint presentation.


What Petty Nextdoor Posts Reveal About America



Media Etiquette

How did ignoring each other’s texts and emails become such a commonplace practice?




Trump’s Tweets — Do Spelling Errors Charm His Base?


Rituals (click here for more)

It’s not enough to hope for the best. Millennials are writing contracts for their relationships.



Should America’s only deaf football team take the knee during the National Anthem:


Comrade, meet Cupid: China’s Communist Party plays matchmaker to millennials