Possible Research Topics

bHere at CaMP IU, we sometimes come across news articles that could be the seeds for a captivating research project.   We thought we would start posting them in case anyone wants a sourdough starter jolt of inspiration.

We  of course welcome more suggestions.  And if anything posted is already someone’s research topic, please let us know.

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Animals (click here for more)

Cloning Pets: Beloved Pets Everlasting?

The most difficult thing about the cloned puppies is not telling them apart, but explaining why they don’t look exactly alike.


Old Media 

Media Forms 

Using Comedy to Strengthen Nigeria’s Democracy

A news-satire series modelled on “The Daily Show” aims to empower viewers. Will the joke get lost in translation?

“The Daily Show” was only the latest example of the American tendency to look to satire as a means to advance liberal-democratic values.  The image of the heroic, dissenting satirist went abroad, where, it appeared, the struggle between the forces of democracy and authoritarianism loomed larger. It was easy to see political satire as an innovation, like the Internet, that could help democracy take root around the world, not through patronizing and coercive “nation-building” projects but as a natural result of giving people a product that they wanted and enjoyed.



Media Etiquette

How did ignoring each other’s texts and emails become such a commonplace practice?




Rituals (click here for more)

Comrade, meet Cupid: China’s Communist Party plays matchmaker to millennials



Worship, Dark and Steamy, for Murderers and Rapists

The federal prison system allows Indian sweat lodges in all of its facilities that are not high-rise buildings, said Michael Truman, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons.