At N.Y.U., Students Were Failing Organic Chemistry. Who Was to Blame?

Maitland Jones Jr., a respected professor, defended his standards. But students started a petition, and the university dismissed him.

How will they interpret the past?

The University of Minnesota is offering student housing for residents who want to immerse themselves in learning Ojibwe or Dakota, two Native languages at risk of extinction.

Florida bans elementary math textbooks for including too much Critical Race Theory

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Brandeis offers a list of words considered oppressive

Ableist language can contribute to stigmas about and trivializes the experiences of people living with disabilities, mental health conditions, and more.

Banning Critical Race Theory in Schools

In a public presentation this month, a member of Utah’s state school board offered a long list of words that she said were euphemisms for critical race theory, including “social justice,” “culturally responsive” and “critical self-reflection.”

Do You Need Expert Advice on Being a Grandparent?

While grandparenting may feel familiar, it is a whole different gig. But there are workshops and classes to help.

Small Talk Is Tough for Finns. So They’re Taking Lessons. ‘I Love Your Shirt.’

Schools and tutors offer courses in casual conversation; ‘It does not come naturally to Finns’

Uganda is adding compulsory Chinese lessons to its high school curriculum