CaMP Anthropology Virtual Reading Group

Dear colleagues,

Many of you have been able to join us over the past few months for our new virtual reading group. We meet the last Friday of every month from 1-2pm Eastern Time to discuss recently published work with authors working at the intersection of communication, media, and performance.

Over the next few months, we will be joined by:

  • April 27th- Sonia Das
  • August 31st- Erika Hoffman-Dilloway
  • September 28th – Karin Barber
  • October 26th – Tom Gieryn

If you would like to participate in our next virtual meeting and be added to our mailing list, please email We will send you a link to our shared Dropbox folder, where you can find PDF copies of the chapters we will discuss with the authors, as well as a link to our Zoom virtual meeting room.

We hope you all can join us!

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