The Trump Presidency: Our Intellectual Communities’ Responses

CaMP Anthropology is collecting our analyses of the election and its aftermath from around the web.


Anthropological Analyses of Trump’s campaign

Michael Silverstein and Michael Lempert comment on Trump’s anti-message message:

Deborah Cameron on Trump’s locker talk:

Kira Hall, Donna Goldstein, and Matthew Ingram analyze Trump’s campaign mannerisms:

Crystal Abidin writes about the consequences of how Trump memes circulated prior to the election:


Placing Trump in an International Context:

Kate Graber discusses Putin and Trump’s Style of Political Communication:  Watching Putin Listen

Alain Badiou explains the kind of alternative Trump and his ilk around the world offer to contemporary capitalism and suggests developing a true alternative

For comparison with neo-nationalistic processes in Europe:

Susan Faludi, What America can learn from Hungary’s “Viktator”

Andre Gingrich & Marcus Banks (eds). 2006. Neo-nationalism in Western Europe and Beyond: Perspectives from Social Anthropology London: Berghahn.

Andre Gingrich, Jonathan Friedman, Sarah Green, Thomas H. Eriksen. 2003. Anthropologists are Talking about the New Right in Europe, in: Ethnos 68/4, 554-572.


Articles by Non-Anthropologists that People Have Found Helpful:

Walter Benn Michaels’ discussion of how his book, The Trouble with Diversity, appears prophetic after the election:

Slate’s Jamelle Bouie discusses Arendtian take on fascist lies and how this applies to Trump:


Tom Pepinsky, On how boring and banal life under the Malaysian authoritarian regime can seem


Political Scientists Steve Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt discuss threat to American democracy:

Two articles explaining white working class resentment:

David Plouffe, What I Got Wrong about the Election:

Podcast of American Muslims reflecting on the election:

Douglas Webber, a Political Scientist, compares the 2016 Trump Election with what happens in Sinclair Lewis’ semi satirical novel (1935), It Can’t Happen Here.


Digital Media Scholars’ Responses to the Election: What Next?

Their list of blogposts:

Two blogposts of scholars reflecting on what scholarship now needs to be done: